2019 photo by Chris Madsen

2019 photo by Chris Madsen

cat palmer • 801.510.0827 • cat@catpalmer.com

born and raised in orange county, california, cat palmer developed her insatiable romance with photography at 15 years old, against the backdrop of los angeles… a place teeming with racial divides, cultural diversity, and economic inequality. her world view further evolved as she immersed herself in the streets of mexico, developing a new obsession that would plague her art, forever… human empowerment.

from 1995-1999, cat made an academic go of her art and then, traversing the unexpected technological revolution, joined professional digital in 2005. (she has never forgotten where her heart lies, and fully intends to replace the “dark side” with the “dark room,” one day.) regardless of the medium, she has exhibited all over the salt lake valley and has won many awards. cat's most recent project "go home trump" went viral. 

cat has devoted her craft to the expression of meaning through images, and has found a powerful voice in empowerment. she fights to bring awareness to equality, wage gap, reproductive rights and rape culture. 

her empowerment themes have been: self-esteem, peace, self-reliance, i am human, there’s no place like home, peace to the middle east, age of aesthetics in defying societies definition of beauty, super hero women, 'i have a secret', keep the politicians out of our VAGINA, transgender visibility and a series with an orwellian theme. 

cat is available for hire for portraits, family shoots, weddings, and corporate events. 



Invited Artist for The Utah Arts Festival 2007

Best Photographer • 2007 • Artys City Weekly

Best Photographer • 2008 • Artys City Weekly

Best in Show for 2-D Mixed Media, at Utah Arts Festival 2009

Best Photographer • 2011 • Artys City Weekly

Best Photographer • 2016 • Fabby Award From QSalt Lake Magazine

Best Visual Artist • 2016 • Fabby Award From QSalt Lake Magazine

Best Feminist • 2016 • Salt Lake City Weekly Best of Issue

Best Visual Artist • 2017 • Fabby Award from Q Salt Lake Magazine

Best Visual Artist • 2017 • Best of Utah City Weekly

Best Visual Artist • 2018 • Best of Utah City Weekly


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