Cat's project goes viral!!!

Over 100 people gathered in SLC to make art, Sunday December 3rd, 2017. 

Tomorrow #45 visits our state and is trying to shrink our National Monuments. Our terrible Senior Hatch is now in bed with our President and does not give two shits about the people of Utah. 

This may be a red state, but we are not all "red". 

A variety of the people participating had their cellphones out and captured some behind the scenes.

Thank you to Hillary McDanie for inspiring this! 

The Hill had over 12,000 shares! 

The Tribune was the first to cover it! 

Even Democracy Now! wrote about it!!! 

Art exhibit

I have brand new art as part of a HUGE exhibit for "Eight O'clock in the Morning".

Guest curated by Grant Fuhst, 8 O'Clock in the Morning will feature reactions to the current political climate from local artists, including a political puppet show created by Elmer Presslee. Other artists include Pat Bagley, Derek Ballard, Cat Palmer, Chris Madsen, Isaac Hastings, Ryan Peterson, Mike Jensen, Trent Call, Sri Whipple, Darlene Fuhst, JJ Ohlinger, Desarae Lee, & others. A percentage of the proceeds from this show will benefit the Salt Lake Chapter of The International Rescue Committee.

This show will hang August 1st through September 3rd, with a gallery stroll reception on August 18th 6-9pm at the Urban Arts Gallery in the Gateway Mall. 

Where can you see my work?

Urban Arts Gallery, part of Jimmi Toro's exhibit 137 S Rio Grande in the Gateway mall Nov 1-Dec 1 

UMOCA gift shop 

Jed's Barber Shop on (2153 E 2100 S) has a look though 20 years of my work including the first photo I ever took in 1995, permanently on their walls. Some of my work also adorns their original location downtown.  UMOCA (20 S West Temple) carries my prints and small art in their gift shop. The Urban Arts Gallery (Gateway Mall 137 S Rio Grande) also carries a variety of prints, stickers, cards and small art pieces. Cat Palmer shirts can be purchased here ----> .  XO